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This is month 2 in our new place and packing day we shared the space with Magda and her school psychology program.  Gaby is coming once a week to help Magda with her work and this was her first day.

Welcome back Dave and Shirley, our true blue supporters arrived last week and came to check out the new home and help with the packing and dispensing.

All went well and we are now going into our new year, the 12th year of giving service to the community.

A reminder that the Chicxulub Food Bank is beginning its fiscal year November 2016 and anyone who is part of or wishes to be part of the Adopt-A-Family program can send their $75 donation to
Canadian Food for Children
40 King George’s Road
TO Ontario
M8X 1L3

Attn: Mary Reid and indicate it is for the food bank.

Donations of any kind can be made through this address to receive a tax receipt.