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Wow, this process has been a very interesting one and a learning process for me.

Just to refresh our collective memory here is our mission statement to remind us of what we are all about:

La Virgen de Asuncion Food Bank is a non-profit community based group of individuals who are committed to providing food and services to the Chicxulub community members who struggle to feed themselves and their families.  We do this through the love and compassion that we share and the generosity of our contributors.  We hope to effect positive change in their lives through our projects.

Every once and a while it is good to revisit this purpose.  There has been a waiting list for a long while and so as to manage it,  Carmita and I decided to do a census of our families.

I was looking to ensure the families continue to need the assistance we provide and if not,  that is a good thing for those families that have improved their own situation.  This is the time to say good-bye.

When families are able to maintain a vehicle, enjoy Cablemas or Dish, receive despensas from other places good for them!

But for me the disappointment comes when these same people are not forthcoming with this information.

I have learned that I must do an annual home visit with Carmita to ensure people are being honest and up front about changes that occur.

This month, 19 families are being removed from the program, after receiving their December despensa, Christmas hamper and enjoying the annual kids Christmas party.

The next step is to work through the waiting list to find new families to receive assistance.

The programs at the schools and nursing home will remain the same.