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I know it seems a tad early to be talking about next fall when summer has not yet arrived but I need to stay on top of things.  My right hand person Carmita talked with me about some fundraising/cultural events for the community.  This is exciting because the ideas are coming from her and the community which indicates they are taking this program under their wings.

Carmita is talking about a Noche Mexicana event but a simple affair with some typical games and dancing and food from the community and then a display of altars in the town square during the month of November when all of Mexico honour their deceased.  Initially she thought the snowbirds should create the altars and be judged to see who wins but I convinced her there should be at least a joint effort.   These seem like simple things but to me they are drawing the two cultures together for a better understanding and appreciation of the other.

Stay tuned for more information.