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I know it seems early but as I get ready for my summer vacation these things need to get done.  All of the donations have been sorted and packaged and safely put in bins.

Next the home gifts had to be sorted and packaged and then came the day for wrapping!

Let me set the picture…it was 10 in the morning and the temperature was +40 and Wayne’s birds had been fed.  This is a chore I dislike but seeing all my “elves” had returned home I had to do it.  Even when the kids were young I disliked the job as I was always losing the tape or scissors as I was working.  This time it only took me 30 minutes to lose the tape.  But then I found it beneath my chair…how was that possible?  By the time I was finished there were 28 wrapped “house” gifts for the families in their Christmas hampers.  Not quite enough but a good start.

Thanks to each of you who donated items that are wrapped for the families.  Without you this could not happen.

Please check back in September and October to see what are most prevalent needs are for the upcoming winter.