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This past Saturday we had 6 boys and one  girl out for another game of fun scrub ball.  there were 5 adults, Austin, Jean, Julie, myself and one local father ( Francisco, I believe) and cheering form the sidelines was Dreshawns gramma, Carol, who has offered to be a “position co-ordinator” for the next games, ensuring people move to the correct new position when a batter is tagged out.  Some of the Ball Jersies and socks that Don and Brooke  so generously gathered for the players were given to the kids and they were told to wear them to the next “game” Proxima Sabado – as we would like to distribute the donated uniforms so the kids get some use out of them this season .  This will hopefully generate some enthusiasm for more kids to venture out onto the field,  Francisco was given a “coaches t-shirt” which he will wear to the next practice too.

We played scrub for nearly an hour and everyone ( including the kids) left with a smile on their face –