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We have had another great year teaching English to the students of Primeria Andres Quintana Roo.  We had so many teachers and helpers we were able to include Grades 3,4,5,and 6 this year.

A big thank you goes to all the staff for a job well done:  Pierrette, Lise, Johanne, Deb A. Mary, John, Pauline, James, Berri, Jean, Jennifer, Fred, Ruth, Karen, Jackie, Connie and Suzanne.

I would also like to say another thank-you to Sandy.  She donated  a large number of soccer balls, skipping ropes, and a basketball.  The students will have many hours of fun thanks to  her generosity.

Marge has come through again – she was able to bring down another white board and much needed flip chart paper.  Thank you Marge.

Thanks to Sandra and Rick for giving the school a money donation – some of the money will go towards gifts for the Quintana Roo special day on April 30 and some will be used for classroom supplies.  Thank you Sandra and Rick.

I would like to give Josefat and his staff a special thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and your students.

Perhaps next year we might have  the opportunity of opening up some new doors.

Thank you again to all of you who have been involved in our school program.  If it wasn’t for all of you, this program would not exist.


Grade 3

We bought some plastic posters with pictures and English/Spanish words and worked from those, focusing on colours, days, months and numbers as well as teaching greetings and introductions.  Each week we reviewed and introduced something new.

Grade 4

The kids loved when Fred did his juggling act with the bean bags to learn counting. He was such a good sport about it all. They were exceptionally impressed when my son came to visit and joined in with the juggling fun. Every week they loved singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” especially when it was “rapido”. Jeana’s cochina was a hit with learning table settings. Jennifer was loved for her “Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening expressions. Ending with “If your happy and you know it clap your hands” certainly fit right in with this enthusiastic group.  See photos

The first picture is of the day my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren came to visit when we had every child in attendance. The only one missing was Jean. The second picture has Jean in it with some of the students.

A big Thank You goes to Ruth Roberts, her daughter Kelly and Connie Sullivan for coming to the rescue and helping out with the class when the other teachers had to head home.
Grade 5

We can’t believe that our winter is over already and that we’re packing to head for ‘the north’. Once again, we have many wonderful memories of our time here in the Yucatan. Some of our best memories are of the time we spent with our Grade 5 students in Chicxulub. We had a lot of fun and a lot of success with using a game-based module to teach words that were requested by our students in a survey. Their enthusiasm for learning English was infectious and we found ourselves just as committed to learning spanish so that we could more easily interact with them … and with everyone else at the school – the teachers, the principal, the caretaker and the parents. We certainly appreciated the warm welcomes we received every Friday afternoon. We would like to congratulate our students on their successes with their developing English skills! We are so happy to be part of this worthwhile program and look forward to many more opportunities to interact with the good people at Andres Quintana Roo again next winter.

Grade 6

The grade 6 students had lots of fun celebrating Valentines’ Day.  They learned new words like ‘love, flowers, gifts, and chocolate’  used to make Valentine Day cards.   They added colours, pictures and stickers to decorate their cards. The teachers were so happy to hear their laughter and giggles, especially when trying to explain” I love you ” The two teachers who were sisters  were saying ” I love you ” to each other.  It was a very enriching experience.



Response from several volunteers: “What a pleasure it was to have that hour a week with the kids.  We had an awesome group in Grade 4 and it was such fun getting to know them and then later seeing them on the streets in town as they proudly, and sometimes shyly, made introductions or just waved and then explained to the adult with them  who I was, followed by more smiles and waving.

I honestly think that for me, the time with the kids both at school and baseball is the one of the highlights of my time in Mexico…thanks to you for coordinating the program, Sue!  I know it must be time consuming but the kids seem to enjoy it so, as I think we all do.

To those I met this year for the first time, mucho gusto and for those from last year, it was great to see you again! All the best in the coming year!”