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The guys have been doing a good job restoring some semblance of order to the home.  This month they have been painting both of the dining areas.

Tony from the Penitangue Rotary Club been able to purchased more ceiling paint and thinks that he will be able to purchase more wall paint once we start in the living room area.

Tony worked with a plumber to repair the taps and toilets, Roof and ceiling repairs to the western dormitory are in the estimate phase.

The building is old and needs lots of repairs.  The guys are doing the best they can to make it dry and pretty.

The exercise group has been hard at work as well.

In January, Sheila, Jackie and Jenny returned and  in addition, 3 new volunteers have come forward to join us.  Loretta,Ken and Mary.  Ken is a pastoral worker from Nova Scotia. In addition to helping out with the exercises, his engaging smile and his soothing manner are greatly appreciated by the residents.  Mary  added her enthusiasm and energy to the group.  Mary comes to us from Merida and has been has been a faithful volunteer  who brings lots of new ideas and activities to our group. Mary is a Recreation Therapist, and a Personal Trainer and also an Artist.  Her Spanish is improving in leaps and bounds and she has some of the women sewing and doing other types of crafts after we finish

the exercise part of our program.  Some of the crafts (like the wands and ribbons) have been used in some of our exercise classes to promote stretching .

Our ancianos were also visited by the Progreso Queen of Carnaval and her entourage when we crowned our own king and queen.  It was another occasion of fun and activity for the residents.