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Another successfu and fun-filled season as come to an end. San Joachim looks very good thanks to the mens’ group and the residents are laughing and enjoying the visits from the exercise volunteers.

From Duncan and the mens’ group.

We continue to get the bed frames sanded and painted so that all the beds  in the main rooms are done.

Our last official Tuesday this year will be March 20. That day, we will lock the tools and materials in one of the bodegas for safekeeping until next winter.

We are hoping the ten new dressers for the women’s dorm will arrive this week. The new women’s bathroom has some sinks and fixtures installed, and much of the tile work has been done. The madre is making a list of projects for next year, and we should have a new to-do list soon.

The group assisting with exercise group are also finished.  The final days were enjoyable ad residents inner talents were demonstrated.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next season.  THANK YOU