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The residents had a fun morning on Jan. 22nd.  Dayday and her group from Tennessee came for an hour of exercising

Everyone enjoyed their time here.

The mens’group has been busy with their list of activities from Hermana Aurelia. She likes the softer yellow color that was completed on the two lower walls. She is pleased with the newer, brighter look of the courtyard. Ixmael has been busy this week repairing the cement work on the upper floors. He has done a great job of chipping out the loose concrete and replacing it with fresh smooth filler. So this Tuesday our main job will be to scrape and seal the 3 upper levels. The two door repairs will continue, the one in the tv room, and the other in the outside bodega. There is a mattress stand to be built in the bodega, and if we have lots of manpower, there is plenty of yard cleanup to complete. Here is the initial colour.

Last week we scraped and sealed the upper three levels of the courtyard, and cleaned up in the backyard area. This week we’ll be painting those upper three walls of the courtyard area. More work on repairing doors and outdoor cleaning will continue depending on manpower. Cheers, See you at 9 am.

Last week we finished painting the upper level of the west courtyard, the top three feet of the east courtyard wall, the entranceway, and the north end wall. Serge stained the main frame and salvaged trim for the screen door he is building. Some yard cleaning was completed. Ixmael finished painting the interior of the rear bodega, and added a raised shelf to store the extra mattresses which we moved there.   This week we have to seal a small section in the east courtyard and then we can complete the first coat on the entire wall. We can start the second coat on the north end wall, the entranceway, and the upper level of the west courtyard as well. It promises to be hot, so the quicker we can do the east wall and move to the shade of the west wall the better. Ixmael painted the trim around the windows on both walls, so that will make our job easier to complete. There is still plenty of yard cleanup for those who prefer to not paint, especially around the laundry area.

Cooler yellow!!