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Coconut ice cream on a hot morning sure beats another lonely day when you’re house bound at a nursing\retirement home.

It was a welcome and tasty treat for the wrap-up day of chair exercises with the ancianos.

About 20 residents were there for the final leg-up led by the ever faithful Paula Hourihan assisted by Sharron Rathi who scooped ice cream like a pro.

Missing, were other Mexican and Canadian volunteers who give an hour of their time once or twice a week. They had already left for other commitments or gone home.

The hour-long chair exercises help residents with sluggish circulation, arthritis and other ailments.

The classes also serve as a social time in warm and friendly surroundings and provide loving contact for many who are lonely.

And volunteers,who also gain from the exercises, are rewarded friendships with residents and often a few laughs with those who have  a sense of humour  – just ask Sheila Murray.

Sharon Helgason started the service in early-2000s and is always looking for volunteers to help during the Canadian and American Riviera season.

Consider this need next season. All you need is an open and giving heart.  By Suzanne Bourret