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This month has seen lots of energy with the guys finishing up their projects and the volunteers with the exercise/activity program having fun with the group.

The season has been truly energizing and productive.

The painting and general maintenance kept the guys busy every Tuesday morning for the winter.  This included lots of painting of the men and women dorms and sealing wet areas, cleanup sessions in the courtyards, the backyard, the laundry area, and the walkways.This Tuesday we’ll be starting the painting in the east dormitory, and hopefully some sealing and repairing of the walls in the shower area adjacent to it. There is still plenty of cleanup to be done in the backyard as well.

We had a small celebration for St. Patricks’ day and also said goodbye to Mary Sawich our recreation therapist who has brought some great ideas to us for the seniors.’s last day.  She has worked for over a year and through the summer heat all by herself and is now returning to the States before she tackles the next “assignment”

Our physiotherapy students will also finish this month.  We have appreciated their interest and help with the residents.

pt students