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We had the opportunity to experience carnaval at the nursing home when the king and queen were crowned.

There was a large group of extranjeros enjoying the entertainment and music.


Now the men’s group has been very busy for the past three months cleaning, gardening, repairing and painting at the albergue and wow does it look great!

High on the list for next season is painting all the metal beds, cleaning and painting the ceiling fans, and building or supplying small bureaus which can be placed between the dorm beds to provide a place for the residents to put some personal belongings. Hermana Aurelia has agreed to make a list over the summer of projects that she thinks could be improved or maintained by us.

A group of young people, from Jeun\’Espoir Inc in Ottawa may be helping us out next winter. Andre Clermont, one of the organizers from this youth group visited to discuss how they might be able to have young volunteers help in the nursing home.

 This year somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 pesos were spent on paint, tools, repair materials, screens, stools, lock-sets, and plumbing fittings. I would like to thank all those who donated money or purchased items for the Nursing Home this winter. It has been wonderful to see people making purchases, and discovering ways to improve the conditions in the home. Many thanks also for all the hours of work that everyone has contributed.
At the end of their final day the group met at La Antigua restaurant to celebrate their good work. Report from Duncan.
The exercise group has been perking along with a variety of activities.  New exercises have been introduced and there is always lots of fun and laughter.

Again this season a generous donation was received from Not Just Tourists in Toronto thanks to Scarlett and Laurie.

The donations for this season will be given to the albergue for the seniors and to the Centro de Salud in Chicxulub.  There are many items that will be used for the folks in Chicxulub who visit the centre for their medical care. Thanks to all involved for making this happen.