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The two groups helping out at the nursing home have been bringing smiles to the residents faces for quite some time.  Every Tuesday and Thursday these dedicated volunteers show up with smiles and a gentle touch to add to their day.

The fellows looking after the physical plant are busy fighting the jungle growth.  They have been working hard again cleaning the yard and the roof, cutting the dead branches on the roof so they will not block the water run-off.


The Rotary Project

The Pettawawa Rotary Club, thanks to Tunser is helping out at the nursing home and the physical plant.  He was at the albergue to make sure that the work started.  Armando and Carlos, stone masons using hammer and chisel, Mexican style of course with no safety protection were hard at it.   The work is expected to be complete within a week. Once they finish, we can start to seal the roof. It really depends on how much can get done with the repair work and painting.  Lets see what next week brings!

A big thanks to everyone as this is so much bigger than I planned!  I  thought this would be a simple paint job that would take a few weeks.  Tunser
We have received many visitors who come with the regular volunteers and it is always nice to have them.  This cute photo shows how 2 cultures combine when they meet.
GetAttachment[1]      Lots of smiles and hugs!  Thanks to everyone who came out over the winter.Tues and Thurs gals