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The exercise group at the home has been an ongoing activity spot for the residents and new volunteers.  It is wonderful to see this happening.  The ladies enjoy the craft session while others enjoy the

Thanks to Mary Sawich who is a Recreation Therapist  and Personal Trainer by training.  Mary travels from Merida twice a week to volunteer her time.

Read a note on the success of Fernando.
Fernando has been an active participant of the exercise group  at the Ancianos.  He suffered a left sided stroke and at the begining of the year he was unable to grip or open his left hand or move his left foot independently; now he is  able to.

This is why range of motion exercise at least twice  a week is so important.

That is not all…following the exercise group there is a craft group wth a group of ladies.when we sew puppets and dolls for the O’Horan hospital and the Children’s Cancer Care program.

Thanks to the ladies who come to help.

The end of the month and Mary tells me she Merida teens join the group today!?