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Another busy spot this month.  The “regulars” are back for the exercise group and the men for the general maintenance.  The guys are Wayne, Tony, Dave, Andre S, Steve, Andre C, Serge, Dunc, Ian, Gordon, Dennis, David, Austin, Dan, Daniel and Vic.  And their ability to climb is great!  Our group of men returned this month to see to the garden areas and general maintenance.  There is additional energy that they bring with them.


We also enjoyed the presence of 3 physiotherapy students, Jose, Irma and Rakel who are helping us out when they can.


Scarlett arrived with a very generous donation from NJR (Not Just Tourists) from Ontario.  See attached report and photos.

hermana aurelia

We now have several resistance bands to work with the seniors to strengthen various parts of their bodies and ours as well.

Smiles all around!