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Our first trip to the Parque Scientifico was on Feb. 3rd with the grade 4 kids.  The bus was waiting for us at 7:30 in Chicxulub and there was lots of chatter as we climbed on.  There were 15 kids, 10 volunteers and 3 parents all excited to see the expo on the Chicxulub Crater.

We went again on Feb 10 with grade 5 kids.  Again the bus was there to take us.  The group included kids, volunteers and moms.

Feb 24 was, of course with the grade 6 kids.  It was our final field trip experience for this project.

Favorites according to the kids: story of the dinosaurs, animals  in general, the constellations, plants an everything in general.

El Parque Cientifico is the research centre and when finished will house 5 different facilities and will have a total of 27 buildings.  Right now there are 17 buildings open and our visit takes us to the Biblioteca to see the Chicxulub Crater interactive expo.

The technological scientific Park of Yucatan is a space equipped with specialized laboratories that settle research centers and institutions of higher education, as well as private companies that share the goal of working together to promote the development of the region based on scientific knowledge, technological development and innovation in strategic sectors.

If you want to find it on your own, take the Merida-Progreso highway and turn off at KIKTEIL and follow the signs to Sierra Papachal.

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Now the next phase of this experience is for the children to write about their experience, the Chicxulub Crater and how they see it within their own family experience along with a work of recycled material depicting their story.  The best  story teller will win this bike donated by Kip and Barb.