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This is a misnomer because it leads you to think the staff is assigned to the school to do their work.  That is how this program began in 2008 with a clinical psychologist meeting with families in one of the schools.  However, it has become much more than that now.

Due to government programs that were piloted into the two schools in Chicxulub, we re-thought the needs and structure of the service delivery.  The psychologist is assigned to the children who are referred to her by the teachers or parents or concerned individual.

The responsibility of the overall program falls to Magda, who has been educationally prepared in Psychopedagogy which is a combination of two main branches of study, pedagogy and psychology. Some of the most influential authors in this field are Jean Piaget, David Ausubel, Jerome Bruner and Lev Vygotsky.

Magda began working with us in 2013 at Benito Juarez Primary, then moved to Andres Quintana Roo Primary and now is working with referred children in the Alarifes Locale and is nor attached to either school. Her caseload this season is with 9 children from grades 1-5.

Gaby who is educationally prepared in the field of psychology did her senior practicum with the Food Bank school psychology program and now works under the direction of Magda and her current caseload (3) is concentrated on mathematics and handwriting.

The program has 8 dedicated hours a week with Magda working 6 hours and Gaby working 2.  This program does not have secure funding but we make it work with general donations and raffle income at the Muelle Market.

We are looking to build the resource library needed with didactic tools and other needs as requested.  This phase has been created a learning curve for some of us.

This is what is referred to as didactic materials:

fisher-price-ball  abacus cuadriculadas

The children are having challenges with mathematics and handwriting and syllable pronunciation along with behavioural issues.

So if anyone has grandchildren who have outgrown these types of toys please consider donating one to the program.