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This program was initiated in 2008 with the service of a clinical psychologist and has evolved to the current service being provided by a psychopedagogist.  I have difficulty with this word so I call the person in this position a school psychologist.  Magda’s course work included both education and psychology and she is a credit to her profession and we are pleased and fortunate to have her.

Magda works at both schools with teachers, parents and children and has a real passion for her work.  She participates in the summer camp programs with the children also.  While working with her groups that have been identified as behavioural issues she set them to work making these delightful images out of recyclable material.

Activities of the school year 2013-2014 

This year she has worked with a total of 78 children in grades 1-6 with 41 from Benito Juarez and the other 37 from Andres Quintana Roo.  Of the total 78, 9 students left the program due to moves or just quit school.

Andres Quintana Roo – 37 students for 11 behavioural issues, 3 speech language issues and 25 with learning issues.  AQR has 1 student with special needs.

Benito Juarez – 41 students for  13 behavioural issues, 5 speech language issues and 25 with learning issues.  BJ has 2 with special needs students.

One of Magda’s successes this year is with her grade 3 class at Benito Juarez.  At the beginning of the school year they could not read a simple story but now are all able to read aloud and pronounce well, all of the words.

As I read her reports I gained an appreciation for her daily challenges and am very happy that we have someone like her working with the children at the 2 schools in Chicxulub.