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School Psychology Program: is still evolving and permanent funding is not yet in place.  The program has the only paid staff members, 2 who work 10 hours per week and a clinical psychologist who works 5 hours per week.

The needs are great and the program needs permanent funding to continue and eventually grow…
Some of the workshops organized for the parents and children include human sexuality, family violence, values clarification and how to deal with bullying.

The two elementary schools in the village have an attendance of approximately 4-400 students and this program supports the morning program at Benito Juarez and the afternoon program at Andres Quintana Roo.

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All reports indicate this intervention is successful and the children are benefitting from the attention and extra support given them.
If you wish to know more about this program and the challenges and successes please email Sharon at info@chixfoodbank.com
The program was first piloted from April 1st to June 2008 with the services of a clinical psychologist.