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  • Liz is still on calle 19 in Chicxulub for hair cuts and other special services.
  • Carlos continues to offer his services for  pickup, delivery, shopping etc.  More to follow next month.
  • On August 3, 2019, Mexico no longer requires (01, 045, 044) and goes to standard 10 digit numbers: 3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number. Life couldn’t be easier!
  • I received the following search for work from Karin Lar in Chicxulub: Karina Lar,9999962543, likes to clean homes and has been doing so for the last 17years.  She comes highly recommended and has a reference from her clients.
  • Single-use plastic bags, drinking straws and containers like those foam clamshells used for take-out meals and leftovers have all been formally prohibited in Yucatan.
    The state legislature handed the governor the bill after voting unanimously to pass it. An earlier measure did not include the food containers.
    The president of the legislative environmental commission, Harry Gerardo Rodríguez Botello Fierro, said that this provision is the most complete in Mexico. He pointed out that it establishes a gradual transition away from plastics and toward sustainable materials.
  • Changes in Progreso/Chicxulub: you will be delighted to see some of the changes put in place by the current Mayor, Julian Zacharias Curi and his team. 

International Malecon has beeen rehabilitated and is very much a family environment. The whale that found it’s way here a few years ago has been recovered and rehabilitated to become one of the major attractions by the ocean. In 2016 the remains of a huge whale more than 13 meters long was found stranded along the coast.

It’s a fragile exhibit, with its 310 pieces glued together and completely exposed to the elements. It will need special waterproofing every three years. Its metal brackets are meant to keep it together during storms.

  • Progreso rehabs 25 beach access roads

One month after its beach recovery program began, the City Council reported that it intends to rehabilitate 25 access roads to the beach.
It’s an all-hands-on-deck initiative. Members of each city department are rolling up their sleeves to help with the grunt work.
The city will remove garbage, plant palm trees and install lighting and wooden fences to prevent trucks from dumping yet more refuse.

In addition, access roads will have new lighting and signage that reads, in Spanish, “Help us to conserve clean beaches, recovered space.” A hashtag, #ProgresoEsDeTodos, punctuates the message.

The City Council and Mayor Julian Zacarias Curi reported that the 25 rehabilitated access roads are between Calle 18 and 58 in Progreso, and from Calle 34 to 54 in Chicxulub Puerto.

Each city hall department is pitching in: Calle 58th is assigned to Administration and Human Resources; Calle 52, to Fishing; 50, to Treasury; 38, to Education; 28, to Protocol and Logistics and 22, to Social Communication.

In Chicxulub, Calle 54 goes to Transportation; 40-A, to Social Development, 40, to Legal; 36, to elected officials, and 34, to the Municipal DIF, for example.

The bulletin stressed that “it is not closing accesses, only recovering beaches.”

Neighbors were invited to be vigilant against vandals and garbage dumpers who would undermine the effort.