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What is SNAP you ask?

SNAP is an organization in Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatan, Mexico and stands for: Spay Neuter Animals Program.
Our organization works in the community with the street animal population and also educating the residents as to the benefits of spay and neutering their animals.
We had our first locally funded and community assisted Spay and Neuter Campaign on September 18, 2016 and we successfully sterilized 137 animals.

Our Goal is to have 3 small sterilization campaigns each year.

We are currently raising funds through our Go fundme page, garage sales and online auctions and private donations.

We are working towards a second Campaign in January 2017 and are planning some exciting fund raiser events in 2017 ,so follow along with us by liking our Facebook Pages or watching for coming events posted on Flash Alerts.

Please like our Facebook pages: Chicxulub Spay and Neuter Campaign SNAP Auction page and SNAP Spay Neuter Animal Program