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This projexct is being undertaken by Kurt and Lynn who live full time with their two boys in Progreso.

Our goal is to raise money, donations, and awareness for a fantastic family coaching a soccer club in a poor town in Mexico. Most of the families cannot afford to pay the $5.50USD per month. This fee includes two-90 minute practices during the week and at least one game on the weekends. The soccer year here operates from September 1st to July 15th with just six weeks off during which they run free soccer camps on the beach for off-season training to keep the kids active.


1st GOAL   Childrens Monthly/ Yearly Fees  $150 CDN per Child per Year
2nd GOAL  Team Equipment     Nets, Balls, Targets, Pylons, etc.
3rd GOAL   Team Jackets and Bags with Team logo and players Names embroidered
4th GOAL    Field/Stands, Grass, Hose, Pump, Lawnmower, Paint, Roof, Bathroom(s)
5th GOAL    Mini Tienda/ Candy Store to earn money for Road Trips
6th GOAL     Transportation for Team
7th GOAL    Scholarships for Kids
For more information please visit and take the time to watch the videos – gofund.me/ProgresoManchester