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This is my last report for the season on the soup kitchen revival!  This project has beenn amazing ride to get it to where it is right now at the end of June.

Jody is a phenomenal advocate and volunteer for the soup kitchen,

Pair Jody with Dona Ara and Susana Camara and there we have a dynamic trio!

They have worked together to turn the soup kitchen into a 3 day a week service for the needy families of Chicxulub.

Clients of the service are helping with the activities to keep the soup kitchen tidy and ready for the next day!

The soup kitchen is now up and running 3 days a week, still 2 days short but it is moving ahead.

The summer will tell us whether the community has embraced this community kitchen or not.

The soup kitchen is receiving from the community all of the foods we outlined in previous blogs and the Chicxulub Food Bank has covered the cost of chicken until the end of July.

Our families will receive 3 meals a week over the summer and September will tell a new story.