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This jicama came from the garden at the soup kitchen.  I never really thought about how they grow and now I know.

The soup kitchen is doing well on their own with their Patronado from Merida.

The Food Bank will continue to collect plastic containers for them and left over food at the end of your time here but otherwise they no longer need our assistance.  A true success thanks to everyone who worked to help them out at a very tough time.

Thanks to Jody who raised the issue and helped to solve it.

From  Jody…

On October 18th the SK celebrated it’s fifth anniversary and oh what a journey it has been. In five short years what started out on a “shoestring” of hope to provide 3 meals a week to the most impoverished residents living within the swamp area of Chicxulub is now a very well organized operation providing 80 meals per day, Monday through Friday. Of the 80 meals provided daily, 65 account for children. The growth of the SK is the result of strong support throughout the local communities and Merida. The SK’s main goal is sustainability. Over the last year, patrons are paying it forward by helping out in the kitchen and with the up keep of the SK grounds, the vegetable garden has quadrupled in size and this summer all of the patrons, young and old, made purses to sell at local bazaars. The money from the sales is to help fund purchases of food items that are short in supply. Definitely on the right path and with continued donations and community support, the SK is sure to celebrate many, many more anniversaries in the future!