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This is a true success story and you made it possible!

In the winter of 2012 we became aware of a critical situation at the Chicxulub Soup Kitchen that is affiliated with the church. The kitchen roperates out of La Casa de Cristiandad behind the soccer field in the heart of Chicxulub.

A dedicated volunteer told about the conditions that the committed women were having to work with to do an impossible job.

You have read the stories as the time has passed and many of you have assisted in various ways.

Today, the Comedore de Cienega is open 5 days a week, receives donations from many local businesses and serves about 80 meals a day.

There are products available at the Muelle Market, made by the staff that helps them maintain and be involved in the success of the program.

Take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy the positive changes you have all played a part in.


This does not mean that the Food Bank is totally out of the loop.  I will continue to collect your extra foodstuff and plastic containers to deliver when I drop by for a visit.  The garden and water supply is a thing of beauty and everyone from the Comedore gets to enjoy the harvest, now in its 3rd year.