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The baseball season has come to an end having run from Jan to March.  This camp has been happening every season since 2011 and the children and volunteers have done an amazing job.

The reason for beginning this camp is the same today as when we began; it is to instill the seeds of good sportsman-like behaviour, have fun and learn and strengthen the skills needed to play this wonderful game.

There have been sessions to develop or improve skills like pitching, batting and throwing and the session ends with a mini game where the balls are flying and the kids are running.

Many kids try to emulate the players they see on TV or hear about and need to be reminded to hone their skills.  This is a bit of a challenge when the two languages collide.  Amazing how a smile and thumbs up can give the message of “a job well done and good for you.”

One of the parents came to the final day dressed like Yogi and the kids and coaches enjoyed his enthusiasm.

Camp 2017

Over time, a few more parents have come out to watch their kids at play.

The plan for next year is to have specific work groups to develop skills and maybe find another team to play.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who were out every Saturday to work with the kids.

Report from Brooke.