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We began holding this baseball camp some years ago with the main purpose being to help the kids learn and improve their baseball skills and to demonstrate good sportsmanlike behaviour.
The children here in Chicxulub do not have much of a chance to play organized ball if they don’t have money.  It is considered an elite sport here.  So we decided to give them an opportunity.
It has given us another way to connect with the kids, practice spanish/english and stay a little fit.
Baseball has had a slow start this year somewhat due to the weather and somewhat to delayed organization – but it is well under way now with a core group of 7- 9 volunteer coach/mentors and between 5 and 12 enthusiastic young ball players – depending on the weather and the reminders at school.  We have been very fortunate to receive more equipment including complete uniforms – and we were able to return some of the borrowed equipment to the school.  Don and Brooke are managing the equipment this year, and Karl is running the practice with the theme based on more fun than practical lessons and everyone is thoroughly enjoying our times together – We play rotational scrub ball which gives all of us the opportunity to play at different positions and to try and hit the ball when it  is our turn – the kids are teaching us some Spanish baseball terminology and we are trying to reciprocate with English.  More kids are always welcome as are any adult coach/mentors who wish to share an  hour or so with us and the kids – even if it is only for one weekend, your presence is appreciated.More news to follow in the upcoming weeks.