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Another season of Stitch and Bitch has come to an end.  This year the group was a bit smaller than in the past and we did have a few newcomers. I hope it keeps growing next year, as it is fun nice relaxing time by the beach.  What could be better than sun, heat and knitting (or any other stitching)

We put together over 100 hats for the Children’s hospital in Merida.

But of course that is not all we do.  There have been hats, blankets; slippers and dishcloths made for the Chicxulub Food bank families this year.  There is also my big success story of 34 sun hats made and sold for the Foodbank. This was certainly a better fundraiser than my coasters.

I make them out of hammock cotton purchased  in Merida and crocheted by me.  I did discover a new pattern for men’s hats.  I will be making more of them in the coming season at home!  I must keep up the sales.

A huge donation of cotton from Deborah Armstrong will go a long way for more items.  Keep on knitting my friends!