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Yes, it is that time again when I return home and check out the services I rely on and report to you.

Sobman Storage is the service I continue to use and Ruth, the manager continues to delight me.  The  pick-up and delivery service is wonderful.  Before returning home, I send Ruth a text telling her the date and time and when I get here there are my boxes waiting for me to unpack at my leisure.

If you are in the market for storage check it out.

Rates are reasonable and time away is not a factor.
Vehicle/ Vehicle with Boxes                                                          3800
1-5 Boxes / Bags                                                                             1300
6-10 Boxes / Bags                                                                           1700
11 – 15 Boxes / Bags                                                                      2100
16-20 Boxes / Bags                                                                        2500
21-25 Boxes / Bags                                                                        3000
Contact information:

Ruth is the owner/manager and her Cel is 999-232-8412 and email address is sobman81@gmail.com