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I just returned from my annual trek to Canada and have to tell you about Sobman Storage, a storage company I have been using for some 5 years.  The thing I like about this company is their pick-up and delivery service.  When I arrived home there were my boxes waiting for me to unpack at my leisure.  If you are in the market for storage check it out.

Rates are reasonable and time is not a factor.

Vehicle/ Vehicle with Boxes                                                        3800

1-5 Boxes / Bags                                                                               1300

6-10 Boxes / Bags                                                                             1700

11 – 15 Boxes / Bags                                                                       2100

16-20 Boxes / Bags                                                                          2500

21-25 Boxes / Bags                                                                          3000

Contact information:

Ruth is the manager and her Cel: 999-256-7395 email address is sobman81@gmail.com