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After a successful program last summer, the team has been busy putting together a schedule for this summer and much to their surprise interest has more than doubled.  It seems like the community is    giving a thumbs up to the summer camp idea and have come out in droves to sign up and bring parental permission to attend.

Last year there were 3 workshops, focusing on animal  care and learning about some of the skills needed in forensic science.

This year the theme will continue with a workshop with Malu, our Forensic specialist and a second with Carmita focused on Family life and Community Responsibility.

Family life for the children will examine customs, pleasures, rules, values, and in the second  one, the participants will examine things related to customs and values as it relates to nature like how you get rid of garbage,recycling and how each one cares for the environment.

How is this being paid for you might wonder.  Well here is the answer…between The Bazar del Muelle, raffle table at the fashion show and donations, enough has been raised to cover the total cost. The parents have been asked to pay a small amount for some of the supplies and food for the wind-up.

Stay tuned for the stories and photos in the fall when I return.