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Carmita has developed another workshop for this summer entitled ” My history and how it helps build the History of Chicxulub.”  The children began learning this concept in the summer of 2015.  They drew some family trees and talked to their parents and grandparents about their history.

The intro was looking at the “Heros of Chicxulub.”  Who discovered and settled Chicxulub and how their families were affected.

Now they will exam it deeper.  By the end it is the goal for each child to have a clearer understanding of his famiy and how they “fit” into the local village.

This is a great lead-in to the competition in November for anyone in the village to get involved in.  We are hoping for stories, photos and folklore that will help us all know the history of where we live.

For the folks who might have challenges in doing this type of work, our youth volunteers will assist them.

Does this not sound like a win-win situation?  Stay tuned for further news.