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It was an exciting summer for the children of Chicxulub and the Food Bank. Thanks to donations we were able to offer 3 workshops for the kids.  There was lots of planning that went into them and it happened without a glitch, so I am told.  The workshops were about being a good pet owner, abuse of animals and little detectives.

The workshops had a general set of rules you will see in the photos, a group of volunteers to help keep order and a bunch of kids looking to learn, use skills they have learned in other workshops and have fun.

These were made possible by Carmita, my capable assistant and her entire family who always participate in whatever needs doing.

Peros y Gatos:  Thanks to the involvement of Kitty Morgan, about 30 children listened to her words of wisdom and completed a workbook offered by her Association.  The children were all ears and very involved in completing the book.

Abuse Against Animals: had the same number of children and the focus was on discussing what this means, creating a picture of their favourite pet and how they both interact with the environment.  If you look closely you will see the list of rules that appears at each workshop.

Junior Detectives: was led by Malu, a third year student in Forensics who facilitated this exciting workshop for the kids.  Everyone was excited to learn about searching  for footprints, making casts, fingerprinting “criminals” and other information about “the crime scene”.  You will see the youngest attendee enjoying herself.  Lina is the youngest member of Carmita’s family and is already involved with the Food Bank.  All attendees received a certificate and a badge that delighted them all.  The other students that attended from Malu’s school had never volunteered before and were reluctant but at the end they were very satisfied and asked to be included at anything else that might happen.