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It is that time of year again…time to take a break and return to Canada for my annual vacation and time with my family and friends.  This year will be different in that it is my first summer without my mom who died this March 8th at 92 years of age.  It will be different and I will miss telling her all the exciting things that happened this year in Chix with the program.  Mom always liked to hear about what I was doing here in this strange country.

I have volunteers doing the despensas for July through September when I return.  We have 84 families to maintain over the summer and all of the children have received their vitamins for the summer.

Yeri’s new baby arrives late June and she is set with her formula and vitamins and newborn package.  The next one is Teresita due in September after I return so all is in order.

I will miss this place and my life here but look forward to reconnecting with my grandkids and family during the summer months.  See you in the fall…sharon