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Here is the success story of those young women that you donated to help the go on their trip of a life-time to New York City dance their hearts out.  This happened in the spring and will have changed these girls forever.

Here is their thanks…”we can tell you it was the best trip of our lives  We learned from the best teachers and schools like Lei Pasifika, Alvin Ailey, Eryc Taylor Dance Studio and others.  We also got to visit Madison Square Gardens, The MET, Statue of Liberty and so much more.  We ate a lot of new dishes but the best was meeting some beautiful young women, who like us love to dance.  Thank God and to all of you who made this dream possible.  And also the Certamen Internacional America Danza who gave us this opportunity to go.  Blessings.”

Pictures really do say a thousand words to express the girls’ gratefulness for your help.