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Against all odds the Sauder family from Texas arrived Dec.10th on the Carnival elation with back packs in tow.  The challenge began with a foggy morning and the passengers were held on board until 11AM when the captain decided to let them loose.  The plan had been to meet at the Autoprogreso bus station at 9AM and I was there from 0845 until 1150 when the buses slowed bringing cruisers.  I was sure they had changed their mind about coming ashore or the kids were sick so decided to go home.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I received an email from one of my guardian angels saying they had met the Sauders family on the combi coming back from Chicxulub and they had the backpacks with school supplies.  As it happened, the Sauders walked into Chicxulub to Bamboo Beach, the restaurant that is the home of the Food Bank .  On the way back to Progreso, they met up with Wayne and Jill who had helped with the Christmas hampers who volunteered to bring the backpacks to me that evening.  What are the chances of that happening in a city of 52,000 people?  The Guardian Angels were looking over all of us.