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Welcome to the Chicxulub Food Bank Blog! Please help us make the most of this online tool by posting your comments about your experience(s) with the Chix Food Bank Programs or desire to know more and get involved in this important community project.

There is a huge need to assist people suffering from many forms of poverty. Your support can change lives.

We work on the following premise: to provide food to the families identified in a respectful manner while ensuring donations are used wisely with no affiliation to the church or government.

Our Mission

The long range goal is to;

  • Delete the waiting list
  • Increase the despensas to bi-monthly
  • Involve clients in the preparation of the despensas as we grow.

Out of this project, many other needs have been identified and slowly being addressed:

  • Improve the health of the people of Chicxulub by: providing eye care clinics (using donated glasses and the involvement of a local optometrist); clinics to learn about good oral hygiene
  • Provide each family on the program with at least one warm blanket for winter months (achieved through a generous donation)
  • Nutrition program for pre-schoolers. There is a high incidence of malnutrition in this community and we have implemented a breakfast program
  • Prevention programs for back care
  • Access to clean water for cooking and drinking
  • Community billboard to identify skills of the townspeople to allow the foreign community to access these people during the winter months
  • School programs for the afternoon children to include lunch, proper attire for school and school supplies.
    • Including but not limited to scribblers, pens, pencils, microscope, bag packs with wheels and/or lockers;
    • Uniform shirts and trousers
    • Shoes
  • Bolsa de trabajo will provide information to the snowbird community of varied skills and handicrafts. In the future maybe a biweekly craft fair in the town square to showcase work.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this project!