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Well we have three new babies since the summer.

Brithany born in July  Brithany has a caring family looking after her.  Here in the photo  is her aunt on the extreme left then mom and grandma.

Baby boy Ortiz Pena born Oct 21st  anon  This little guy still does not have a name.  The parents have up to one year before needing to register a new born.  He is spending the first 40 days of his new life with his family at his grandmother’s home.

Angel born Oct. 17th  angel 2 made his first appearance at the November despensa.  He has a great head of hair and mom and dad now have 4 boys  under the age of  7.


All have been welcomed by receiving a package of baby clothes, washcloths, toy and formula.

The featured image is of Iker and his mom.  Iker was born in 2012 and is a healthy little boy.