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Two new babies to introduce this month. Baby Ingrid was born April 4th and Baby Roberto joined his family April 19th.

In 2008, new babies, to registered food bank families were greeted with a gift package to assist them get a good start in life.  Why you might ask?

During home visits I learned that many new moms were not interested in breastfeeding and often were in an economic situation to feed their babes less than the preferred milk.  Some were being fed a concoction of water, corn starch, coffee or coke.  This was compounding an already epidemic problem with malnourished children here in Chicxulub.

How to deal with this new issue?  Well, my Spanish was not good enough to do any type of educational sessions with moms to be, nor were there resources in the community to do anything.  The “medical model” was the guiding force with new moms to the point that many babies were born by C-sections as decided by their doctors.

So I decided to do what little I could by putting together gift packages containing donated, gently-used baby clothes, blankets, toys, formula and newborn vitamins.

And today, with 4 years of experience an average of 4 new babies are born each year and receive these packages.

Many of you have donated baby clothes, specially made quilts and blankets, knitted hats, sweaters and bootees to welcome these new little people.

At first, a six month supply of baby formula and 2 garrafons of purified water were included along with a 6 month supply of baby vitamins with the packages.  Now the moms receive the same items minus the water as it has become a logistics issue with delivery.

The cost of this program is 2940 pesos per baby and  since the program began, funding has been received for two years (2011 and 2012) from the International Womens’ Club of Merida.