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I do apologize for the glitch last month in accessing this note.

Here it is again with a few more reporting in.

The local restaurants have sent this information for returning clients and new ones!

Drop in and try something.


Welcome Bienvenido: David’s Bistro Opens Friday 13 September,

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday  9 am to 9 pm

Sunday Cochinita Pibil from 7 am

Breakfast from 9am to 11.30 am

Beginning this month Conchita is inviting clients to come for a “cocina economica” lunch.

Closed Sunday afternoon and Monday Saludos Conchita

Christmas Buffet: 1 PM book by email with davidtelchac@gmail.com as landline not working.

Mamma Mias: Open from noon to 11 PM

Delivery service 969 103 5050

Thursday special: pasta dish with glass of wine and dessert.

Special everyday:  Personal pan pizza + beer 75 pesos

Share only: 4 big beer mugs 80 pesos

Italian Restaurant Elio Al Mare

Welcome visitors to Progreso/Chicxulub Wednesday Nov 18th,a new menu for all our Canadian and American friends.

For only $200 pesos per person you can enjoy fettucine amatriciana or spinach and ricotta ravioli. Drinks are 2×1, house desserts $50 pesos.  Specials change weekly.

Reservations at 969-935-0804 Calle 21 #38 x40y38 Colonia Ismael Garcia


Wombat Hole located on calle 19 x 29 y 30 close to the Muelle Market.  Look for it when you get off the bus.   Owned and operated by Gavan and Lorena and open from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and serve coffee and snacks for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

If you like home-baked scones, brownies, quiches, bread and cookies, there is no better place to sit wth your friends in the homey surroundings.

Saboreando Comida India is open 3 evenings a week — Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 6pm.  Reservations are recommended and appreciated, however not necessary.  You can call 969-103-0589 for a reservation.

For a large group reservations are necessary as we can only accommodate a total of 24 people.

We are located on Calle 21, 64 Y 66 across from the OXXO at the Abrazarse Life Retreat Center in Progreso.

We change our menu on a weekly basis so it is always a little different.  Favorite dishes we repeat and we are always looking for new one.

Food Bank Request:  Be nice bring bags of beans or rice to any event we have. Like at home “a tin for the bin” is much appreciated and helps keep the cost down

Pick up at airport – Merida and Cancun Carlos is available for pickup and delivery at both Merida and Cancun airports and bus terminals. Contact info is carlosperez250579@hotmail.com

Book exchange is available at David’s Bistro during business hours. Feel free to enjoy browsing over a piece of the famous carrot cake

Great news just in…Soriana’s PuertoProgreso isoffering delivery service and have a number to call if you only speak english.  Check it out when you arrive.

Great massage therapist: some of you know Satchie from Mexico City.  She has been here for several years but recently I experienced her service and she is wonderful.  She can do up to 5 massages in one day and will come to your home or you can go to her.  Contact information: Cel 999 215 5127 and she has Whats App.