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The local restaurants have sent this information for returning clients and new ones!

Drop in and try something.

  • Restaurants:

Welcome Bienvenido: David’s Bistro Opens Friday 13 September,

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday  9 am to 9 pm

Sunday Cochinita Pibil from 7 am

Breakfast from 9am to 11.30 am

  • Closed Sunday afternoon and Monday Saludos Conchita

Mamma Mias: Open from noon to 11 PM

Delivery service 969 103 5050

Thursday special: pasta dish with glass of wine and dessert.

Special everyday:  Personal pan pizza + beer 75 pesos

Share only: 4 big beer mugs 80 pesos

Wombat Hole

Italian Restaurant Elio Al Mare

Welcome visitors to Progreso/Chicxulub Wednesday Nov 18th,a new menu for all our Canadian and American friends.

For only $200 pesos per person you can enjoy fettucine amatriciana or spinach and ricotta ravioli. Drinks are 2×1, house desserts $50 pesos.

Reservations at 969-935-0804 Calle 21 #38 x40y38 Colonia Ismael Garcia


  • Food Bank Request please bring a bag of beans or rice to any event we have. Like at home “a tin for the bin” is much appreciated and helps keep the cost down
  • Pick up at airport – Merida and Cancun Carlos is available for pickup and delivery at both Merida and Cancun airports and bus terminals. Contact info is carlosperez250579@hotmail.com
  • Book exchange is available at David’s Bistro during business hours. Feel free to enjoy browsing over a piece of the famous carrot cake