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The Shoe Project

Shoe Project report for St. Cletus

December 2008 the Chixculub received a very generous donation from St. Cletus parish in Gretna New Orleans Louisianna thanks to Father Eugene Jacques. The donation was earmarked for new shoes for the school children at the elementary schools in the Village of Chicxulub Puerto.

FactoryIn the village of Chicxulub there are about 6000 people. The main industry is fishing. Of course, this work is at the mercy of the weather and between the hurricane and the norte seasons the port often is closed so there is no opportunity to go out fishing. So we have families who have limited resources to care for their families. We also have elderly people who rely on their children to care for them and help them on a day-to-day basis.

Carmita, CJ and Sharon set out one morning for Hunucma to get the best deal possible for the 62 pairs of tennis shoes we were looking for. Everything here is an adventure. It took us at least 3 attempts to find the owner of the factory we wanted and once we did the games began! This factory employs 14 young folks who make the shoes, with the youngest being 14 yrs old. He was off on vacation and would be returning to school the next week. These two young ladies gave us a big smile as we toured the building.

CJ and Carmita supervised the selection of 26 pairs of sneakers as we cleaned out the factory supplies.

OK now we were in centro looking for a shop called Katia Alejandra and here we found most of the remaining pairs. It was a whirlwind trip but we left here happy shoppers with the shoes.

The next phase was left in Carmita’s hands. Carmita checked her list and sorted the shoes for size and child. Then it was off to deliver the shoes to the children from te elementary school Benito Juarez.

Father Gene was our Santa Claus this bright afternoon…here he is at work!!!