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The Muelle Market is growing this year…more new vendors and seeing lots of new faces in the crowd.

We have had raffles for the food bank at each the Markets and the goal this year is to raise enough funds to take the children to the Dinosaur Museum.

The Vendors have generously donated their handcrafted items and have helped us raise a total of 2060 pesos this month and that will cover the cost of one excursion for the school kids to the Science Centre.

We have a Beverage Bar at the new Market and we sell Fresh ground Chiapas Coffee and Home made Cinnamon Buns. We also sell soft drinks and water. Stop by and see Nancy she will be happy to try out her English.

The Markets in Feb. will be  Feb 5 and Feb.19
The Markets in Mar will be

Mar 5 and Mar 19

Our new Location is: D’Mar Salon de Eventos
Calle 28 x 21 x 23
Chicxulub Puerto

See you all at the Market