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This is the end of a very successful intervention. As many of you know, the Chix Soup kitchen (Comedore de cienega de Chicxulub) was having tough times when the Food Bank got involved back in 2012-13. With a lot of hard work and donations the Soup Kitchen is now a thriving 5 day a week operation serving about 60-70 meals a day.

Yes, it is sad that this comedore needs to exist at all but it is providing a necessary service.

A photo recap shows the transition from what was to what is today and thank you to the many folks who helped along the way.

There is a group of women from Merida who oversee the initiative and have done a great job of watching and encouraging it to grow to where it is today.

Our role today is to deliver donated food items and plastic containers.

Thanks to all who helped this happen.