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In early January, Carmita and her family visited a small pueblo called Pencuyut, a suburb of Tecoh.  She heard from her nephews about this village and wanted to check things out.  Then we made a second visit to celebrate Children’s day and take out more donations.

Pencuyut originally was called ‘ cehn-yuc ‘ which is Maya for “well of the deer”. The legend says when the first inhabitants arrived they found many venison bones.

It has approximately 2000 habitantes, there are many aged people and several cases of deaf children. These special needs children have no attention nor go to school.

It seems that this area is more affected by the cold winters than we are here along the Gulf.  It can get as cold as zero degrees so there will be a collection of hats, slippers and scarves for next winter sent to them.

The village maintains itself with milpas where the men grow and harvest corn and there was evidence of buckets of corn being carried on the heads of some women.

There are schools that teach from kindergarten to high school with telesecundaria being a satellite program via internet.  There are 3 high school teachers working with the young adults.

The internet service provided to the village is not strong enough to provide computer and telephone service so imagine seeing the kids playing and chatting together and the adults busy sharing with no evidence of the cel, FaceBook  or any other social media!

The Food Bank sent donations for the children and some adults and they were very grateful.

The house that hosted us belongs to a couple in their 70’s, Elvira Acosta Lopez and Hortensio May Chable. ?

The Food Bank sent donations for the children and some adults and they were very grateful.

The little girl with the 5 brothers and sisters is Maria and she is 10 years old.  Every day either before or after school she goes out to sell some type of snack food to the local folks to help her mom and family.

The family outside of their Maya house is Veronica and Rigoberto with their 7 children, the youngest being 3 months.  The group is going to help them get a floor for their home.

These are the folks that made this amazing experience happen.

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