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Once again I had a visit prepared with James and his group from Kentucky.  Last year when he was cancelled his visit was cancelled due to hurricane-like weather.  This year all was in place to happen.  We arranged to meet for 10:30 at the Casa de Cultura where I could take a few photos and accept the donations; and we were planning to have lunch together.

I was pleased when the day dawned bright and sunny.  That was a good omen, I thought!

It was not meant to be. The down town area close to the malecon and Casa de Cultura was undergoing construction. However I made it to the Casa and waited behind sheets of plywood, and waited and waited. At about 11:30 I began walking to the terminal and market without success. At about 12 noon I left for home. Once I got home I sent off an email and got a response saying they were at Eladio’s. Guess what? I did not go back as I was sweaty and worn out from my walking and the heat.

I asked James to leave his donation with Richard at Balom Balon and had it picked up by Gustavo. And it arrived at my place on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for their perseverance and determination to make a difference to the people in Chicxulub.

The group from Kentucky and their donation
Reusable Bags and Lanyards