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Chix Food Bank, began operating in November 2005 by a group of individuals who came together to respond to an identified need in Chicxulub, Yucatan.

In the village of Chicxulub there are about 6,000 people.  The main industry is fishing.  Of course, this work is at the mercy of the weather and between the hurricane and the norte seasons often the port  is closed so there is no opportunity to go out fishing.  Therefore we have families who have limited resources to care for their families.  We also have elderly people who rely on their children to care for them and help them on a day-to-day basis.

There is a huge need to assist people suffering from many forms of poverty.  Your support can change lives.

For only $75 CAD / 1250 pesos, you can feed a family for a year!

Current News and Updates on the Chicxulub Foodbank

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Home of the Food Bank

Remember to be in touch if you have anything for the Food Bank.  Call either Carmita or me so we can be there for you. Again lots of happenings in the upstairs area  for Las Mujeres de Chicxulub.  Tables have been built, stained and varnished for the seamstresses. Glynes spent much time in preparing the tables. Toys from the Heart, a local group of women who are working with Nola have donated 50 sock dolls for Santa to give the kids.  And I must say all children loved their gifts!   Dario y Karol have done assessments with the kids in 1st and 2nd grades. Prepping for... read more


“Pig Beach”, the first tobacco-free public beach in Yucatán The mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, accompanied by municipal health and ecological police personnel, received the certification of a smoke-free site and cigarette butts from the person in charge of the National Tobacco Control Office from Conadic, Diana López Gómez, thus becoming the first beach at the state level to receive this certification.   For his part, Arsenio Rosado Franco, Technical Secretary and Commissioner of the State Council Against Addictions of the Ministry of Health of Yucatán, pointed out that this certificate marks a step in the right direction to continue in the battle against addictions, at the same time as It is also paid for the care of the environment, since by eliminating the use of cigarettes in the area, it collaborates with public health and ecological issues. Meanwhile, Zacarías Curi thanked his work team for the commitment they put into each of the projects, which are reflected in obtaining this type of certification, which demonstrate the hard work carried out every day. The mayor celebrated having the first beach in the state with this certification, which not only seeks to continue putting Progreso in the eyes of the world, but also seeks to contribute to the well-being of citizens so that they can be found on clean, safe beaches with a optimal environment. Progreso, Yucatán, (December 01, 2021).– From this Friday, December 5th, the general public will be able to enter the Progreso fiscal pier to see “ Sunsets at sea ”.  The Progreso National Port System Administration organizes this activity that was carried out before the pandemic and will resume this Friday at 4:00 in... read more

December Dispensa

What a fun morning we had on the 15th.  A combination dispensa, Santa visit and hamper dispersal.  And Jody was there to participate along with Kay and Glynes.  Milo and Carmita and Dario, Angel y Manuel, youth volunteers were the  mainstay of the group! With a loud HOHOHO Santa visited with each family and sat for photos.  It was a fun time for all. Milo, Santa, Angel y Manuel The... read more


New Certified CURP Document for Mexicoby yucalandiaOct. 27, 2021” Certificada CURP “There’s a new document (shown below) for pretty much everyone in Mexico, (except tourists). This new CURP is also for foreigners who have interactions & activities with our Mexican govt, including INM. This new document is designed to giver greater control of personal data, and is now being required for many activities we have with the Mexican govt., including the INM, Registro Civil offices, and SAT-Hacienda tax activities.Why a new “CURP Certificate”?The old CURP numbers & records have been plagued with a combination of errors in the personal data, and too many individuals having 2 or more CURP numbers assigned to them. As a result, our National Population Registry (RENAPO) is unifying all of the personal data they have on each of us under a single Certified CURP.How do you get your Certified CURP?1. Go to Select the option “CURP”or fill in your personal data.3. Click on the “search” button.Your CURP data will appear on the screen.4. On this screen, click gives you the option to “Print Official Document”This automatically issues your new Certified CURP – aka CURP Certificate, including your new QR code …What if you choose to not get your Certified CURP?The normal CURPs will continue to be an accepted official document, but choosing to not get on means that many government processes will take you longer, because our government’s new internal procedures require a Certified CURP – meaning delays while they pull up & generate one, that’s good for just that one action.*      *      *      *Feel free to copy while... read more

Home of the Food Bank

Things have been busy at the house thanks to volunteers and their mission visits and self defence classes. The classes are for ages 6 to 10 with 2 groups.  The class trainer,Sophia is a youth volunteer who is learning physiotherapy and has a passion for working with the young folks. On the 30th of October a group of youth volunteers went on a mission to  to visit Yaxhachen and Xkobehaltun both in Oxcutzcab and then continued on to Yakhachen and Pozo Verde. Watch for a longer report next... read more

When Returning

A reminder for those returning:  anything you wish to leave for the food bank please remember the new address. Calle 23 x 24 y 14 y 12.  If you like, call Carmita or me to meet you at the house. Again the house has been busy with all kinds of activities!! Tables have been constructed and stained for use on the to floor by Las Mujeres de Chicxulub. Milo has been working on them and Glenys painted and stained them. While downstairs Kay was busy cleaning and sorting items for the bodega. We even opened for a short time to have a bazar and did it again the following week!! Behind Kay you can see some of the Christmas hampers we have done! This young lady, Sophia who is taking Physiotherapy is also interested in teaching the kids self defense. You may remember we had a young man a number of years ago doing the similar training. She has a group of young... read more

November Dispensa

Another dispensa came and went with little difficulty!  The dispensas were handed out and the soup was a special treat in the day.  Thanks Gordon. It was great to see everyone and given that Carmita began very early with the dispensas we were done by 10:30... read more

October Dispensa

Well, last dispensa for this year and all went well.  We had our team well represented during many of the activities! Families enjoyed the extra soup made by Gordon, along with the usual items in the dispensas. Carmita detailed the necessary sizes etc for the Christmas hampers and we are set to go!  What do I mean when I say last of the year? Our calendar year begins in November every year so we now are beginning year # 17. Who would think we would still be at... read more

New Home

Remember the new facility is also home to the Mujeres de Chicxulub for sewing, new designs and other possibilities. Because there is no Muelle Market to highlight their fashions it is important to get their workspace ready to use. Ongoing work at Las Mujeres de Chicxulub sees the prepping of tables for the women who will continue to sew. Prepping for Christmas There was a group of us who organized the work for the hampers for the families. We worked 3-4 days to get it done. Decoration made for each family by Cindy’s boys KayGlenisGlynisCindyCindy and family and GlynisKay tried to escape her... read more


Oct 1, 2021The Mexican Government has always required foreigners to carry their Residente visa cards (Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente cards) and their passports when travelling inside Mexico. In the past these rules have only been sporadically enforced, but all that has changed as a part of Mexico’s efforts to stop illegal immigrants from crossing Mexico to enter the USA. As a result of the new enforcement program, many bus travelers this past week have been required to show their passports & Mexican-issued visas as they get off the bus inside Mexico. ADO offers this specific warning – advice:  “To all our travelers:Based on the request of the various state and federal authorities and the National Institute of Migration (INM), in the face of this extraordinary situation of migratory flow that the country is currently going through, we want to inform you that as of October 1, In 2021, the protocol for the presentation of official identification will be implemented in the sale and boarding of the trip. As well as a document that proves the immigration status in the country, for those of foreign nationality. In advance, we offer an apology to all our travelers for the inconvenience that this may cause, recognizing our commitment to always comply with what is requested by the Mexican authorities. In case of any doubt about the immigration documents authorized for foreigners, we recommend contacting the National Migration Institute.” Travel safe, Travel well, and Keep following our laws …Read On … MacDuff ! Yucatan goes to yellow traffic light Published 22 hours ago  the Oct 7, 2021 ByProgress Today MÉRIDA.– After the change to yellow... read more

Carrera Programa de Chicxulub

I am just in the process of putting this together.  For short it is CPC and it can be an exciting program.  I have been asked often why the Food Bank does not do an education program like the best known one CAPP managed by Kitty.  Well here is my best foray into this new program.  It is specifically for the youth volunteers who work with the Food Bank and as it grows any other young adult from El Puerto de Chicxulub.  My first want is to find out if there are any folks interested in sponsoring a young person who is ready for higher education. If the interest is here then the matching will begin. There will be a format of the annual cost, depending on where and when and what the student is keen on. The application format helps the volunteer process his/her idea and visualize what the future will look like. I am hoping for mentors who would commit to helping with English, time management and presentation skills. The accepted candidate will make a commitment to volunteer somewhere in the community and the area of interest. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Please let me know. Open to suggestions, ideas and general... read more


THE FORMER MAYOR AND THE FORMER REGIDORS OF THE 2015-2018 «TURQUOISE» ADMINISTRATION WOULD FACE PENALTIES OF TWO TO FOURTEEN YEARS IN JAIL / JUDGE ORDERED THAT THEY CANNOT LEAVE YUCATAN AND MUST APPEAR TO SIGN THE AUTHORITY PERIODICALLY AND BE UNDER THE AUTHORITY RECORDINGS INVOLVING THEM IN ACTS OF CORRUPTION   COVID NEWS August 25th: Yucatan surpasses the barrier of 60 thousand infected with Covid-19 Mérida, Yucatán, (August 23, 2021).- In the State, the limit of 60 thousand people infected with Covid-19 was exceeded on Sunday, August 22nd, in the course of just over 17 months, of which nine percent lost their lives, reported the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY).Likewise, about 86 percent of those infected are concentrated in 10 municipalities, while in two municipalities there are still no deaths derived from the pandemic, specifically, Quintana Roo and Tahdziú. According to the daily technical statement of the SSY, until this Sunday, there were 272 active confirmed cases of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the Covid-19 disease, distributed in 18 municipalities, as well as 12 deaths, of which five deceased were originally from Mérida, and the remaining were from Acanceh, Izamal, Kanasín, Progreso, Ticul, Tizimín and Umán municipalities. Of the total deaths registered on Sunday, nine were men and three women, whose ages ranged between 21 and 83 years, of which six had no comorbidities, 50 percent. Regarding the incidence of morbidity, August is in fifth place in the monthly table, with five thousand six confirmed cases, with a daily average of 227.5 infected. Photo: (Yucatan ahora) The lowest figure for the eighth month of the year... read more

Cruise Ships Begin

Progreso prepares to reactivate the arrival of tourist cruisesPublished 8 seconds ago the Jul 13, 2021For Progress Today AUTHORITIES FINAL DETAILS BEFORE THE NEXT ARRIVAL OF THE CARNIVAL BREEZE CRUISE ON MONDAY, JULY 26 NEXT / THE TOURISTS WHO WILL ARRIVE IN THE BOAT ARE ALREADY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19.  See more PROGRESO.– The Integral Port Administration (API) of Progreso carries out the last details of biosecurity for the arrival of the first cruise of this year, the “Carnival Breeze”, next Monday the 26th. In total, there will be 28 cruises of the Carnival Cruises company that are being programmed for Progreso and that will represent the return of floating hotels to the coasts of Yucatan, after the cruises were suspended since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic . It was reported that Carnival Cruises will begin routes the day after tomorrow, Thursday 15; then tests will be carried out with ships and passengers from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Galveston, Texas, with Mexican destinations such as Cozumel, Progreso and Majahual, according to El Universal. The scheduled ship has 500 passengers, certified with a Covid-19 vaccine, and will be received in Progreso with a formal ceremony by state and federal authorities. Some 98,000 cruise tourists are expected to arrive in Progreso from July to December this year. According to Datatur data, on average, the cruise tourist spends 76 dollars (about $ 1,470) per person in the few hours of their visit. Just yesterday, the API reported that the ship “Pacific Spike” arrived in Progreso with 3,505 tons of rail, from Yawata, Japan, for section three (Calkiní-Izamal) of the Mayan Train. The... read more

San Joachim Nursing Home

July 13/ PROGRESS.– This morning the Municipal President of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, visited the “San Joaquín” shelter to deliver healing materials and a basic kit of items for protection against COVID-19, all with the purpose of reinforce and meet the needs of users.  See more For this delivery, he was accompanied by Magdalena Herrera Miranda, head of the Municipal System of the DIF, who explained that in response to the request of Sister Aurelia Sánchez, the mayor ordered the delivery of gauze, mouth covers, alcohol gel, bandages, gloves , among other materials that were requested for the more than 30 older adults who belong to the shelter. “At all times we are aware of each of them and we will always prioritize their well-being, which is why we are here today to visit them and listen to their requests, endorsing our commitment and assuring them that we will continue working for them,” said Zacarías Curi. He also took the opportunity to highlight that in addition to this delivery, users are frequently served with the delivery of food pantries, blankets, medical care through the health module and the sanitation of the facilities is periodically implemented. On the other hand, he also explained that before the vaccination day for older adults due to the current pandemic, they were treated with the two doses in the same place. Finally, Zacarías Curi reiterated his unconditional support for all the older adults in the campus, “we are fully willing to work together so that they do not lack anything, I want them to know that they will always have our support and immediate... read more

Home of the Food Bank

Lots of activities over the summer thanks to Carmita and her team of volunteers.  I will give you a nutshell group of photos to keep you up to date. Aprender Jugando(Playing to learn): this group is to work with children in various school subjects such as mathematics, writing, printing and colouring. The size of the group varies depending on availability and subjects. Responsible Volunteers: Karol, Irma, Ariel, Lizandro and CarmitaAttendees: Deymar, Alberto, Roberto and Emili. Roseangela and her volunteer youth group held occasional Live events on Face Book. For those that this is new too(like me), it is a live auction to raise money for various events. This helped raise money for a client with ovarian cancer who needed tomography. It was a total of 1800 pesos and voila, she had it done. Another event was focused on raising money for an Asperger assessment at 2400 Mexican pesos. Not totally achieved yet! The canches for the vegetable gardens came to a pause as the sun was too hot to grow and the plants were... read more

Who Is She?

She of course is Carmita who is definitely my right hand person who helps run the Food Bank and Las Mujeres de Chicxulub.  Here is a posting done on Face Book Aug.31st.  It is both her original post followed by an English translation and I have no doubt you will read it and understand the true nature of Carmita.  Please read closely because for me she is saying so well what many of us think is happening in society today! I know there are accents missing but it says so much as is! “Yo naci en Chicxulub Puerto Yucatan. Creci con mucho amigos y tuve muy buenos tiempos donde la familia era el comienzo de todo. Mis papas tenian reglas claras. No habia dramas porque las situaciones se cortaban de raiz…..borron y cuenta nueva. Si me portaba mal te daban un castigo y vaya castigo!! Los ninos no discutian con los mayores, lo que un adulto dijera era ley. Los professores eran modelos y no se les faltaba al respeto. Me ensenaron a saludar, a despedirme, a decir gracias a pedir permiso y a entenderel languaje de los ojos vaya languaje de los ojos vaya lenguaje jaja Salimos a jugar con los vecinos de la cuadra (los vecinos de antes) todos juntas, todos juntas, te acuerdas? era toda una aventura. Nos regresabamos todos caminando de la escuela sin temor a que nos robaran, y en la salida de la escuela ero lo maximo comprar cualquier golosina, stickers o un respado! Buscabamos lugares cerca para jugar, hacer nuestros escondites y amar nuestros clubs, jugabamos futbol en la calle, a las escondidas, el... read more

Summer Dispensas

The summer has come and gone and we keep on going!  Thanks to our team of Carmita, youth volunteers, Jody and Gordon success followed us! Hi to a new family of volunteers Cindy, Lincoln and Liam from Idaho! Folks arrived with their bags and masks to say hello and receive their dispensas.  Lincoln y LiamCarmita y Cindy Rosangela-Live... read more

Our New House

The house has been jumping with activities these days. There have been workshops for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gardening, compost understanding, group support to namea few. I want to introduce you to the teams responsible for the gardening component, volunteers getting the dispensas ready and youth volunteers making plans to get into their educational programs as things begin returning to “normal.” The gardening groups are organized with youth volunteers as leaders and families who have expressed an interest. I might get a tad confused and I apologize. Sunday there are 2 groups. Sembrando el futuro (4-5) with youth volunteer Juan Diego and Tesoro Verde (5;30-6:30) with youth volunteer Yessica. Monday Mi amiga la tierra with youth volunteer Irma, Lizandro y Carmita Tuesday Lu’um Ya’ax with youth volunteer Dario y Maria Luisa Wednesday El Amor a la siembra with youth volunteer Karol Thursday Sembrando en familia with youth volunteer Galilea Saturday Sembrando Valores with youth volunteer Sinai y Damaris Experiential sessions: Each group has been involved in active workshops creating special gifts for Mother and Father Days as well as gardening activities. All material used in the gift workshops have been recycled material as has most of the material for the gardening ones. The gardening ones focused on the 3 Rs and the groups made their composts and insecticides for their plants. Casa de las mujeres de Chicxulub Liz, the hairdresser some of you know from Chixculub has a group of ladies doing embroidery on rebozos (shawls). These are a few examples. Cost is 520 pesos. Malu is working with the youth volunteers who are interested in continuing their education.... read more


You will notice with our newsletter there are choices of language. The website can be read in english, french and spanish thanks to Andre and Malu. Enjoy. Things happen here as they do back home. Due to numbers and disregard of health measures Yucatan is back in the orange zone. The curfew is back in place as well as restaurant openings and other activities. Here is the report for June 23rd: A person barely 22 years old died of the coronavirus in Yucatán. This is one of the 11 victims left by this disease in the last 24 hours, and that is why the authorities insist to the population that extreme precautions must be taken since the pandemic has not yet ended. oday 269 ??new coronavirus infections were announced, of which 155 were in Mérida, 34 in Kanasín, 10 in Tizimín, 8 in Motul, Progreso and Umán, 6 in Valladolid, 5 in Acanceh and Conkal, 2 in Chumayel, Dzidzantún, Hunucmá, Maxcanú, Tekax and Tixkokob, 2 foreigners, and one in Cacalchén, Homún, Huhí, Izamal, Mama, Maní, Muxupip, Oxkutzcab, Río Lagartos, Sucilá, Suma, Tahmek, Tixcacalcupul, Tixpékukcu, Uxulcú.This is the medical report for this Friday, June 18: Yesterday a new batch of 149,340 vaccines against the Coronavirus arrived in Yucatán. Today 293 new infections of Coronavirus were detected. 181 in Mérida, 20 in Progreso, 16 in Hunucmá, 14 in Kanasín, 8 in Ticul, 5 in Buctzotz, 4 in Tizimín, 3 in Hoctún, Motul, Samahil, Seyé and Tecoh, 2 in Conkal, Maxcanú, Tekax, Tixkokob and Tixpéual, 1 in Akil, Baca, Cacalchén, Chankom, Chicxulub Pueblo, Chocholá, Kinchil, Muna, Oxkutzcab, Peto, Santa Elena, Sotuta, Teabo, Temozón, Tetiz, Tinum, Tixcacalcupul, Umán and Xocchel, and... read more

June 2021 Dispensa

Well the 15th was wet and spitting rain but the streets were flooded.  However folks came for their dispensas and extra of chicken soup and a plastic dish to keep.   Our chef is not really... read more

Our New Home

Lots of activities for everyone.  In the past 6 weeks there have been the work done on gardening, a forensic workshop for fingerprinting and one for making gifts for moms and children as each day is celebrated. FORENSIC WORKSHOP This was a fingerprinting session presented by Malu who has her degree in Forensic Studies and enjoys teaching the kids. I wonder how many budding CSI’s are in the group. Gardening-Canches Our kids are learning quickly about their abilities to plan, act and now water and watch their gardens (canches). Each team has a day to come to the house and check, water and weed their particular bed. Workshops for kids and moms to make gifts for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and many special occasions. ROCK... read more


I am continuing to show interesting articles about Yucatan and Mexico. These stories talk about covid status, changes in Progreso, education and other interesting information. MERIDA.– Unlike the neighboring state of Quintana Roo, where social mobility restrictions have again been tightened and economic activities restricted due to an increase in Covid-19 infections, in Yucatan the measures taken by the state government have been firm and constant, which has prevented the overflow of hospital services and allowed a controlled economic and social reopening. After the announcement by the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, of five new restrictive measures in the face of what he called a “not encouraging outlook”, Quintana Roo residents will have to return to a partial confinement that includes closing avenues, supervision of schedules and capacity, suspension of social gatherings and entry and exit restrictions at business events, competitions or congresses. Failure to comply with these measures could lead to the imposition of fines and closures and, if the situation worsens, return to the red light, which would imply the total closure of activities. In Yucatan, on the other hand, a very different and encouraging panorama is observed, since the measures that were taken in terms of restrictions on working hours, vehicular mobility and transit in some areas of the center, as well as the mandatory and correct use of face masks and hygiene, keep the state on a yellow traffic light and with ample freedom for the activities of the Yucatecans. Added to this is the great responsibility and seriousness with which citizens have behaved, respecting all the indications given by state and health... read more

May 2021 Dispensa

May 15th was a bright sunny day and lots of folks arrived with smiles and left with their dispensa and an extra soup or stew!  It was nice to see Jody along with Eddie and Abraham helping out. This is our chef Gordon, who is making soup for the families This is our chef Gordon, who is making soup for the families Two of our youth volunteers who are there every 14th to prepare the dispensas for the families.... read more

Our New Home

What an exciting place to be with the 15 teams and their canches. There is lots of growth and the children are so excited. They arrive every day to water the canches and watch them grow.! All plants are Kay’s... read more

April Dispensa

April 15th was a lovely day with lots of sun and breeze.  Everyone showed up starting as early as 7:30. We enjoyed giving away to our families a special donation of chicken soup and fresh eggs.  Tears of thanks from all. We are slowly getting back to “normal” little by little. Finally ElectricityManuel delivering eggs for today Every family on the roster received, as a special treat homemade chicken soup and donated... read more


From a friend re covid 19 vaccine! Don’t panic if you see a lump on your armpit after COVID-19 vaccination, doctors sayAs more Canadians receive COVID-19 vaccines, more and more people might encounter a side effect that radiologists want the public to be more aware of: swelling under the armpit, which can show up on mammograms during screenings for breast cancer. Latest from Progreso: New closure of beaches and boardwalks in Progreso. THE RESTRICTION WILL APPLY FROM FRIDAY, MARCH 26 TO SUNDAY, APRIL 12 / THE STATE GOVERNMENT IS SEEKING TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF CONTAGES DURING THE HOLIDAYS OF HOLY WEEK / REPORTED THAT THE RESTAURANTS OF MALECÓN WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE OPERATING SANITARY AND EVERY MEASURES. COVID REPORT: Yucatan approaches 4,000 deaths from coronavirus; April 21/2021 In the State of Yucatan, so far in the pandemic, 36 thousand 463 infections have been reported, 31 thousand 924 people recovered and three thousand 972 deaths. Yucatán reported 86 new infections and eight deaths from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The State Health Secretariat announced that the cases come from Mérida (52), Kanasín and Valladolid (5), Progreso and Tizimín (4), in addition to Acanceh, Baca, Conkal, Hunucmá, Izamal, Motul, Seyé, Sucilá, Tekax, Ticul, Tzucacab and Umán with one each. There are also four more positives from foreigners. In the medical part it was also reported that eight people, seven of them men – mostly over 50 years old – lost their lives as a result of the virus.  1.- Male 50 years of Merida Obesity 2.- Male 39 years of Homún Without comorbidities 3.- Male 44 years old... read more

Our New Home

There is lots going on at the house. As well as getting it all done we are working on organizing workshops and work groups to begin the canches (above the ground gardens). Eric has done his workshops and the moms, kids and volunteers are settled in their groups working with the canches. Layers of compost, soil and seeds are being put in the plastic crates. Kay has donated several large plants as well to the house! The volunteers and the kids and parents will each work on the canches with a rotation of times and duties. There is lots of energy and fun that is happening as we... read more

March Dispensa

It is always interesting to go to the house to see what Carmita and the volunteers have been up to! And this month, even with Covid is no... read more

February Dispensa

February was a fun month with more snowbirds back, especially Wayne our star photographer.  You can enjoy his photos throughout this... read more