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The inception of the Muelle Market begins with Nola.  This is her story.

“When I  first went to the Bamboo Beach restaurant to help Sharon with the food bank I fell in love with the beauty and peacefulness of the space and realized that it would be a wonderful venue for many things.

At that time,I didnt speak any spanish so we tossed the idea around and decided to speak with Charlie about using the space for a venue for local artisans to have the opportunity to show their wares and earn some extra money.

I never expect it to turn into a mulitcultural market for artisans and crafters from different parts of the Yucatan and the world.

The Market has taken on an energy of its’ own and has given Charly at Bamboo Beach and his staff the opportunity to earn extra money for the restaurant and and has  helped raise additional funds for the Chicxulub Food Bank.

The market has also allowed Chicxulub to become a meeting place for friends and family to enjoy a day of shopping and lunch while enjoying a beautiful setting.

My initial plan was to have the market for 2 or 3 months in the year while the Snowbirds were here for holidays, but it has been such a success that I thought about having it year round.

My plan was to have the market open in April- May- June and September – October -November- December the third Thursday of each while the busier months of January – February – March – July and August would be the first and third Thursday of the month.

My long range goal is that this will always be a place for creative people to come together and for the public to find unique and interesting things to buy for themselves, their homes, families and friends.