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Bamboo Beach Club

Home of the Chicxulub Food Bank and English Book Exchange

The Chix Food Bank program is being run out of the Bamboo Beach, a family style restaurant. Charley, the owner is always willing to help with anything we do.

The restaurant is open every day with a full menu. Charley also provides space for an English book exchange library and offers free wi-fi so you can take your laptop and use it while enjoying a meal or drink.  He is a very personable owner who wants to provide good service to his customers.

Bamboo Beach Restaurant


About 15 years ago I came to Progreso from Vera Cruz and began working in the restaurant business. I worked as a waiter, chef and manager. Throughout this time I have enjoyed everything I have done and added more experience to my work life. My name is Charley.

In 2003 I settled here in Chicxulub and was surprised to note, even though it is a small port the people are very cordial.

I am surprised that 6 years later I was given the opportunity to live my dream by having my own restaurant in Chicxulub.

Along with our waiters, we welcome you to our restaurant with a big welcome smile.