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Yea, Nola was here for the penultimate market and what a day we had.  There were 34 vendors and 100s of customers coming to find treasures or sourdough bread or carrot cake.  No-one left disappointed and  many did not go home empty handed.

It was nice to have Nola home and Kay was busy with the Food Bank table and raffle.


And then it was the last Muelle Market on March 19th!  And what a day!  My light box with Katarina arrived and as you can see she was a delight.  I have a photo of her with the artist and her husband, with the dynamic duo of Kay and Andrea and then with Madie, the owner of the hall.  She was a perfect companion.

You can see that Marie was her usual busy self and enjoyed a great day.


The money raised by the biweekly raffles has been used to pay for the three buses we needed to take the grades 4-5-6 children to the Parque Cientifico and today the funds will be used for the pilot project of Self-Defense for Children during semana santa.  There will also be workshops for the children in the summer and workshops for the parents helping them discover what their values are and how to improve their parenting skills.  I will have updates for you as we offer these activities.

Now we are done with the Muelle Market until next December and I look forward to seeing you then.

From Nola

The Muelle Market would like to send out a huge thank you to all the people who attended the market this year…to all the vendors who rented a space. The Market was a huge success. Due to all of this the Chix Food Bank benefitted the most. We raised at the Market this year:

December 2014 – 1240 pesos
January 2015 – 1120
February 2015 – 2474
March 2015 – 1992…
Total is 6826 pesos that paid for the buses for 3 field trip, for the food bank kids, to the Science Park and that cost was 6000 pesos. Without this there would be none of this happening for them. They were very excited and thankful for this opportunity and had a contest to create a piece of art that showed what they learned. The remainder of the funds goes to the childrens programs and food hampers.
Again thank you all so much and See you at the Market in Dec